Sometimes we gather for church-like services. Sometimes we do other things to get to know each other better, have fun, and strengthen our bonds of community. We will post our schedule and any change to this page. Questions? Text 503-862-3452.


Day Date – 2019 Event Location
Saturday June 22 Bat’n Rouge Erv Lind Stadium
Sunday June 23 Beaverton Pride!! Beaverton Main Library/Farmer’s Market
Sunday June 29 Peacock in the Park Washington Park Amphitheater
Sunday July 7 Conversations and Connections St. James (see below)
Sunday July 14 Worship with Communion St. James (see below)

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St. James, Fellowship Hall: When at St. James, The Flame meets in the Fellowship Hall/ Pioneer Chapel of St. James Lutheran at 1315 SW Park Ave, Portland.

Please enter through the door to the office on SW Park (up the steps, not the big wooden door), or the gate on Jefferson for the accessible entrance. The gate and door will both be locked as we meet in the fellowship hall in the back, so please text 503-862-3452 and someone will come meet you.

st james